quinta do vallado winery hotel

Against the wall

The design for the new hotel vinous is included in a strategy to expand the facilities of la Quinta do Vallado. The two aspects linked to wine – production and pleasure – are contemplated by a single design intended to be unique and contemplated by the way in which the used materials are employed.

Given the strong impact of the surrounding landscape, characterized by a natural architecture that confers on the area a unique character, world heritage, the design focuses on solving the insertion of a new volume conditions by a long and expressive bearing wall of slate, which draws an accentuated curve in the land and on the house.

In this relationship between what exists and what does not exist, resides the tension of the design,the relation of the contraposition between two realities, between two geometries, between two times. Regarding the construction: the supporting structure fits; the facilities are disciplined; the coarse materials match the geometry and appeal to the sensory qualities of their surfaces.

The design defines a great restraint, both spatial and formal; spaces are designed according to their uses, of the light, of the enjoyment of the views and, principally, of well being.




2011- 2012


Quinta do Vallado, Sociedade Agrícola, Lda


Vilarinho de Freires, Peso da Régua, Portugal




Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Manager

Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team

Inês Mesquita, Mariana Sendas, Cristina Maximino, Adalgisa Lopes,Ana Leite Fernandes, Luís Campos, João Pontes, Joana Miguel, FranciscoLencastre, Tiago Souto e Castro, Miguel Brochado, Inês Ferreira



Fonseca – ADFconsultores, SA

Hydraulic Installations

Fernanda Valente –Newton-C, Lda

Mechanical Installations and Gas

Raul Bessa – GET, Lda

Telecomunications, Security and Electrical EquipmentsInstallations

Fernando Aires – GPIC, Lda

Acoustic Conditioning

Filomena Macedo – SOPSEC, SA

Interior Decoration

Menos é Mais com João Álvares Ribeiro


Ferreira Construções, SA


Nuno Gonçalves e Félix, Lda, FROSA Projectos e Obras, Lda


Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)