prégaia headquarters

First prize of a competition for a pre-fabricated building in concrete,this project starts off as a constructive modular system, leading onto research work that evokes the structures Donald Judd left behind in Texan landscape of Marfa.
The building works with existing factory landscape occupying a series of U-shaped casts left on the site.
The close-up image of the building responds to the chaotic and violent nature of manufacturing activity, but this image changes as one goes inside and is faced with a succession of courtyards that make up an exhibition hall of the abandoned industrial samples. The courtyards create a sense of privacy and lengthen the actual space. They frame the preferential landscape: sky and tree-tops.
The design is based on independent units or cells that one is meant to travel through. It attempts to maintain a human scale with a clear and readable language – a box/portico with an easily identifiable proportion.


1st prize






São Félix da Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


1 200 sqm


Francisco Vieira de Campos + Cristina Guedes

Project Team

Fernando Pinheiro, Odete Pereira, Cláudia Costa, Óscar Ribas eDiogo Lage

Structures and Foundations

Paulo Maranha Tiago

Hydraulic Installations

José Correia

Electrical Installations

Pascoal Faísca

Mechanical Installations

Madeira da Silva


Manuel Pedro Melo


Ricardo Cardoso