nossa senhora da conceição velha church



The patrimonial value of Conceição Velha Church (classified national monument), with its geographical location (historical center) and its architectural typology, allowed us to devise an intervention procedure that articulates restoration and rehabilitation, where, in addition to the conservation of the interior of the church, the annexed spaces are rehabilitated for new functionalities, namely liturgical, social support and museological character.In this sense, the program aims primarily to the reopen of the architectural complex to the community, offering itself as a "new meeting point" within the historic center.

The project included a generalized intervention on the exterior: roofs, walls(plaster and cleaning of masonry elements), openings (window frames and doors)and metal elements (railings, walkway and stairs).

In the west wing were installed wooden frames that concentrate the access to the sacristy and pulpit on the ground floor, and the connection to the upper floors, with the enlargement of the staircase providing multi-floor programmatic linkage. At the same time, this structure functions as a museum center revealing existing works of art: statuary, painting, liturgical implements and vetments. The access corridor to Bacalhoeiros street was recovered to ensure accessibility to the polyvalent hall and museum outside the church's operating hours, as well as a lifting platform to ensure access to disabled mobility.Toilets were installed on the ground floor and a complementary toilet on the upper floor. The exterior patio was rehabilitated for technical area and emergency access through the construction of an element in light metallic structure that still functions as technical support.

In the east wing, the bell tower and the old sacristy were recovered. New facilities, as a reception, service rooms and work office were created, as well as the reactivation of the visiting route to the bell tower.

Project 2009-2012

Construction 2012-2019

Client Confraria de Nossa Senhora de Santa Cruz e Passos

Location Lisbon, Portugal

Area 912 m²

Architecture Cristina Guedes and Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team Inês Ferreira, Pedro Costa, Pedro Azevedo, Inês Mesquita, Carla Lourenço, Inês Marinho Batista

Structures lcides Colaço - EPO Engenharia, Projectos e Obras, Lda

Hydraulics Alcides Colaço -EPO Engenharia, Projectos e Obras, Lda

Electrics, Security and Telecomunications Vítor Vajão - Vitor Vajão, Atelier de Eletrotecnica, Lda

Heating Isabel Martins - Pi.s.t. Projecto e Instalações e de Sistemas Térmicos, Lda

Conservation and Restoration Gabriella Casella - Cariátides, Lda

Hygrothermics Vasco Freitas - Prof. Eng.º Vasco Freitas, Lda

Archeology Mulize Ferreira

Conservation recovery K4 – Gestão de Património, Lda

Mural Painting and Decorative Painting Restoration Conceição d'Almada Gil

Constructor Manuel Gonçalves - Regolfo

Inspection Henrique Chaves - Edifício Oito, Construção e Engenharia, Lda

Photography José Campos