janes shop

The project for a store in Souto Street in Braga occupies two existing buildings with distinct characteristics: first one XIX century building three floors with a romantic courtyard with a fountain, palm and niches that restores and recovers, and on the other, a narrow building that occupies a passage that gave name to the bridge house that turns and stages. The link between them is an exposed concrete box.
To enhance the lightness of the concrete box –essentially rough – the ground floor is glass mosaic – Venetian opus –punctuated with white glass and gold leaf.
The clay walls of the courtyard are resets then collect the plaster and the floors of the decks. The upper floors are exposed couture collections with tasting room lined with aluminum foil, on the piano nobile, the concrete box suspended on the entrance floor, exposed to basic and accessories.
Functioning as a counterpoint to the entrance –a slim passage – the concrete box – the showcase is a cubic structure of wood lined the screen into the room – offers great capacity for change.






João Esteves da Silva


Rua do Souto 36, Braga, Portugal


Cristina Guedes, Francisco Vieira de Campos and Fernando Pinto Coelho

Project Team

Lúcia Abreu, Margarida Paixão e Timothy Schultz


Poliedro, SPQ,Coritei, Protermia




Nuno Borges de Araújo