boavista II house

The constraints of the site, such as the “Tilos” grades, the gentle slope of the terrain, the trapezoidal shape of boundaries of the plot, the unfavorable orientation towards the sun, and the obligation to construct on one level, all determined the implementation and the “asymmetric boomerang” shape of the floor plan of the house.
The design was organized and distributed along abroad corridor “hinge” – that bends at the moment of entry, distributing the private areas to the south and the social and service areas to the north. This axis, which coincides with the ridge of the roof, aims to simultaneously solve the volume and the privacy of each space, the views and provide an improved orientation to the sun.
The definition of the shape, evoking some analogies to popular architecture, became quite demanding, the result of its complex geometry. By reducing the application of materials, the constructive solution adopted seeks to systematize and clarify all the situations of the design with a view to their implementation. The use of a single cladding material reduced the physical expression of the architectural object to its essentials. In short, the idea of the project became clearer, closer to its nature as a unitary body.






Porto, Portugal


582 sqm


Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team

Inês Ferreira, Inês Mesquita, Cristina Maximino, Neuza Talhão

Fundations, Structures and Hydraulic Installations

Miguel Guimarães-STRUCONCEPT, Lda.

Projecto de InstalaçõesMecânicas de Ventilação, Gás, Certificação Energética

Raul Bessa-GET

Projecto de Acústica


Projecto de Telecomunicações


Tratamento de imagem

Diogo Lage, Ricardo Cardoso, Óscar Ribas


Victor Beiramar Diniz


Pedro Santos