vila sanches



The “Vila Sanches” project reformulates a deep and irregular plot by constructing 2 residential buildings, facing Rua Campo de Ourique and Praça Afonso do Paço. A large central space is set free for a garden to take place, making up for the environmental and landscape requalification of the surroundings.

The intervention seeks to value and nourish the identity of the place, enhancing calm and neighborly relations, reconciling the interiority of the dwelling with the views of the Monsanto park and the urban landscape of Lisbon, in an integrative architectural solution.

By reinterpreting the proportions and rules of the surrounding buildings, the project focuses on a contemporary design and providing new urban experiences.

The collective outdoor areas are distributed along a dynamic path that guarantees great permeability and ease of crossing. Ramps connect the existing gaps allowing “smooth mobility”.

Each apartment is designed differently in its typology, as an extension of the identity, individuality and privacy of each inhabitant. This principle of typological heterogeneity is expressed in a dynamic and organic facade, unified by the sensuality of the curved outlines of the balconies. The interior space extends over the exterior, making up for a bright and open atmosphere.

The street facades are contained and integrated, while the interior facade of the lot dematerializes in the stratification of the floor slabs.

By combining the reflections of the glassy materials, the solidity and massiveness of the concrete with local limestone aggregates, and the comfort of the wood in the window frames and floors, the project interprets durability as sustainability in the construction of a robust exterior, as opposed to a warm, flexible and welcoming interior.

The "Vila Sanches" project transforms backs into faces, void into mass, insalubrious into healthy.




Lisbon, Portugal


3.164,18 m²


Francisco Vieira de Campos and Cristina Guedes

Project Team 

Inês Mesquita, Gonçalo Castro, Andrea Fornasiero, Ana Pinheiro, Rodrigo Alves, Inês Giro, Fereshteh Nazari

Structural Engineer

António Adão da Fonseca - Adão da Fonseca, Engenheiros Consultores

Hydraulic Installations

Alexandra Vicente - Vertente Rabisco, Lda.

Electrical Equipment and Telecomunication Installations

Raul Serafim - AFA Consult, Lda.

Security Installations

Maria da Luz Santiago - AFA Consult, Lda.

Acoustic Installations 

Rui Ribeiro -Amplitude Acoustics

Mechanical, Gas and Thermic Installations

Raul Bessa - GET Lda.