quinta do vallado winery

peso da régua

Best Private Project - Construir 2012 Awards
Finalist - FAD 2012 Prizes
Honorable Mention - Douro Architecture Prize 2010/2011



The proposed expansion of the winery at Quinta do Vallado reconciles the need for the expansion of the existing winery with proper integration into natural landscape.

The intervention provides for the maintenance of the existing buildings, complemented by there structuring necessary for the construction of new buildings: a warehouse for barrels and a new reception.

The modification of a winery that operates by gravity requires the understanding of the entire production system and a great rigour, discipline and restraint in the implementation of the heights of the buildings. The new volumes create a relationship of tension and balance between buildings and topography,integrating themselves into the land while continuing to affirm their artificial nature.

The barrel ware house is, simultaneously, autonomous and interacting with the landscape, based on the topography of the terraces of Douro. A large landmass embedded in the land terminates the projection. In this way the building either clings to the ground, becoming rock and physical barrier, or is released, allowing it to be pierced.

The design reconciles the structure and facilities in the conception of an ancestral vaulted shape.

With the parallelepiped outer volume and vaulted interior space, the omission of non-resistant material in the wall enables the creation of an air chamber,simultaneously being a tunnel for facilities and a natural ventilation system that provides good thermal performance for the ageing of wine. All the volumes are constructed in concrete with bush hammered finish on the interior, as the exterior is covered with slate that has been treated in a contemporary manner.






Quinta do Vallado, Sociedade Agrícola, Lda


Vilarinho de Freires, Peso da Régua, Portugal


4.142 m² 


Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team 

Inês Mesquita, Mariana Sendas, Cristina Maximino, Adalgisa Lopes, Ana Fernandes, Luís Campos, João Pontes, Joana Miguel, Francisco Lencastre, Tiago Souto e Castro, Miguel Brochado


António Adão da Fonseca, Tiago Alves – ADFconsultores, SA


Fernanda Valente –Newton-C, Lda

Electrics, Security and Telecomunication

Fernando Aires – GPIC, Lda


Raul Calejo – SOPSEC, SA

Winery Equipment Installation

Daniel Bastos – Metalúrgica Progresso, Lda


Raul Bessa – GET, Lda


Homero Correia


Ferreira Construções, SA


Aníbal Madureira


Alberto Plácido, Fernando Guerra - FG+SG