quinta do orgal (river house)

vila nova de foz côa

AIT Award 2020 - Hotel

Winner of Enor Prize 2020

Winner of Wooden Architecture National Award PNAM'19

Nominee of Mies van der Rohe Award 2019

Best Private Project, Construir 2018 Awards


To build without touching

Of the place:
The rugged topography and the Douro River physically marks the limits of the landscape and the views. The site, a steep valley with orange trees planted in terraces and a seasonal water line, these are the constraints / conditions to the implantation of the new construction. It is intended to guarantee the conservation and preservation of the natural and biological processes, indispensable to the existing ecosystems.

The program:
The request of a small equipment for agrotourism built in a wood modular system. Fifteen modules with the dimensions of 6,60 x 3,30m, generate the container to the necessary spaces of functionality and interior comfort. The exterior spaces, in the shape of balconies, long terraces, guarantee the accesses and circulations, as well as the protection against solar rays and weatherproof. Underneath, sustaining all the wood construction, there is a metallic frame that rests in two pillars, that overcome a span of 13m in the center and two symmetrical cantilevers of 6,60m on each side. These pillars,with habitable space inside, shelter all the technical zones and necessary services.

The Idea:
The site/place dictate the rules. The rules demanded that the valley remained“almost” untouched. A suspended structure, standing only in two points guarantee the minimum impact with the soil. The drawing sought to synthesize the most correct proportions of the space, rigor of the pre-established metrics, admissible loads, details systematization, and essentially the coherence in the utilization of the materials. The architectonic object sought to come closer to the concept of a “bridge”, to the concept of a infrastructure.






Quinta do Vallado, Sociedade Agrícola, Lda


Castelo Melhor, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal


505 m²


Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team

Inês Mesquita, Cristina Maximino


Eulália Soares - Newton-C, Lda


Francisco Reis - Newton-C, Lda

Electrics, Security and Telecomunication

Maria da Luz - AFA Consult, Lda


Raul Bessa - GET, Lda


Eulália Soares - Newton-C, Lda


João Veiga, construções, Lda

Wood Constructor

Rusticasa, construções, Lda

Mechanical Installation

Norinstelnor, Instalações Especiais SA

Electrical Equipment and Telecomunication Installation

LGB – Sociedade de Projetos e Infraestruturas Eléctricas e de Telecomunicações, Lda


Jolcaz, Carpintaria Unipessoal, Lda


Códio, Projectos Coordenação e Direcção De Obras, Lda

Interior Decoration

Menos é Mais w/ João Álvares Ribeiro


José Campos

Francisco Vieira de Campos