mirandela high school



The renovation and extension of the secondary school of mirandela translates into a careful reading of all the existing surrounding buildings,with the attention that the new necessary volume fulfills the program in an embracing and qualified ambiance. It is intended that the scholar space in its all, establishes as an diffusive element for learning. In its nucleus, it is proposed as a new built “continuum” – learning street – that integrates physically all its public and social functions and guarantees the connections to all the existing buildings in an readable and identifiable way. This interstitial condition is counteracted by the great transversal transparency of the bladed building, that allows to interact with the green exterior and the surrounding buildings through diagonal connection sleeves at several elevations.
The concept and the conditions of the project development lead to a solution with a strong concrete precast component of the original buildings. The constructive system rationalizes and conciliates,structure, infra-structure and climatization.
The project obeys to a formal concept of simple rules and predicts a great pragmatism in the approximation to the market available resources, particularly the use of national technologies, material sand constructive systems that allowed quickness and ease execution by the use of standard technology adapted to the formal options.




Parque Escolar EPE


Mirandela, Portugal


14.814 m²


Cristina Guedes and Francisco Vieira de Campos

Project Team

Cristina Maximino, Neuza Talhão, Joana Miguel, Inês Ferreira, Francisco Lencastre, Pedro Costa, Inês Mesquita, Pedro Azevedo, João Fernandes, Tiago Souto e Castro


Hipólito de Sousa – SOPSEC, SA


Diogo Leite – SOPSEC, SA


Raul Bessa – GET, Lda

Electrics and Telecommunication

Fernando Silva – OHM-E, Lda


Filomena Macedo – SOPSEC, SA

Fire Safety Systems

José Manuel Costa – OHM-E, Lda


estudo prévio - Victor Beiramar Diniz

projecto de execução - Jorge Maia


Arquivo do Escritório