lordelo affordable housing



More than designing 3 buildings, the project proposes the creation of a place, with a sustainable and positive image.

Dematerialized volumes on their tops and surfaces create cantilevers above the uneven topography promoting continuity of a common ground.

A white wall shapes a triangular square on two levels of stay. With a single gesture, it settles a formless and uncharacteristic public space.

Durability as sustainability: hard hull and light interior.

Reference to ancestral, timeless terracotta.

Prefabricated parts fitted in T and Z create a pattern on the facade.

Randomness as a contemporary image, reflecting the typological heterogeneity of the interior

Open project, capable of absorving the desire of all its participants and contemporary programmatic unpredictability.

Recessed balconies, as life aggregating nuclei, ancestral memory of the patio.

Competition 2020

Location Lordelo do Ouro, Porto, Portugal

Architecture Francisco Vieira de Campos, Cristina Guedes + Ricardo Medina

Project Team Andrea Fornasiero, Rodrigo Alves, Inês Giro, Ana Pinheiro, Inês Mesquita

3D Visualization Luppa Design

Landscape Architecture Marta Cudell

Structures Hipólito de Sousa - SOPSEC

Hydraulics Diogo Leite - SOPSEC

Heating and Solar Energy André Tiza - GET

Electrics and Telecommunications Fernando Aires - GPIC

Security Alexandre Dias dos Santos - ASPP

Acoustics Joana Conrado - Amplitude Acoustics

Sustainability Miguel Veríssimo - Armadilha Solar